Monday, October 16, 2006

APHA Launches Get Ready Campaign to Help Americans Prepare Themselves for Flu Pandemic

APHA has officially launched its Get Ready campaign to help the public prepare for a potential influenza pandemic and outbreaks of other emerging infectious diseases. APHA's campaign speaks directly to individuals, families and communities and helps fill gaps by telling people what they need to prepare themselves.

Currently, the campaign includes the Get Ready For Flu blog, a Web site and podcasts featuring expert commentary and conversations with APHA members and other public health authorities. Fact sheets and other materials are available through the Get Ready Web site at

Future plans for the campaign include grassroots activities, toolkits, community partnerships, preparedness surveys and a calculator to help people determine what supplies they will need to prepare for pandemic flu or other emerging infectious diseases. For more information, e-mail

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Anonymous said...

The NACCHO site is also a great resource for information on Influenza. They also have a really nice bookstore: