Friday, December 28, 2007

Creating a healthy stockpile

You know that it is important to have an emergency stockpile of food in case an influenza pandemic or some other disaster hits your area. Hopefully, you've already created a stockpile, and if so, that's great. But what kinds of foods did you toss in? Are they healthy? Or are they high in sodium and sugar?

Many people mistakenly believe that good nutrition has to go out the window when an emergency situation arises and they're told to "shelter in place."

Not so, says Capt. Laura A. McNally, MPH, RD, FADA, a dietitian with the U.S. Public Health Service, who spoke with APHA's Get Ready campaign about healthy stockpiling recently.

Even when sheltering in place and dining by the glow of a battery-driven flashlight on foods that have been sitting in a plastic bin for several months, it's still possible to eat healthily, McNally says. All it takes is a little planning and some creativity.

When it comes to creating a healthy stockpile, lots of options are available today, says McNally. Ideas include low-sodium, low-fat canned soups and canned foods packed in their own juices, such as canned fruits, and low-sodium canned veggies. Don't forget healthy snack packs and plenty of water.

Check out the complete Q&A now for more great advice on healthy stockpiling.

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