Friday, January 08, 2010

The holidays have come and gone, but flu is here to stay: National Influenza Vaccination Week is Jan. 10–16

2009 might be so last year, but H1N1 flu is still hangin’ around. Influenza is hard to predict and flu experts are warning that we should be prepared for a possible third wave of H1N1, aka swine flu, in the new year.

This Sunday, Jan. 10, marks the beginning of the annual observance of National Influenza Vaccination Week, which health workers, advocates and people like you use to spread the word about the importance of flu vaccinations.

Getting vaccinated is the most important step to protecting yourself, your family and your community, and now it’s your turn. Kick off those healthy New Year’s resolutions by getting vaccinated. The vaccine is now readily available but if you are not sure where the H1N1 shot is available you can check out’s vaccination locator and find the nearest clinic in your town.

Want to spread the good word? The National Influenza Vaccination Week site has free materials in eight languages that you can print out and post at work, at your community centers, in your home or at your place of worship. Share your plans for what you are doing to create awareness or send a friendly e-card reminding those you care about to get vaccinated.

Encouraging more people to get vaccinated could prevent serious illness and death. For more information on what you can do to help, visit Together, we can fight the flu.

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