Friday, November 08, 2013

You’ve changed your clocks, now check your stocks

Daylight saving time is over, which means that we’ve all changed our clocks back (except for Arizona and Hawaii, which don’t take part in the practice).

But there’s one more step you may still need to take: checking your emergency preparedness supplies.

It’s easy to forget about your emergency stockpile, particularly if you have it tucked away into a closet or basement. But if an emergency occurs, you want it to have everything you need — and that means checking up on it every once in awhile.

APHA’s Get Ready: Set Your Clocks, Check Your Stocks campaign recommends using the twice-annual time change as a reminder to check your stockpile.

You should make sure nothing’s been removed from your emergency stockpile, that batteries or water haven’t leaked and that food hasn’t expired. Use our supplies list to double-check that you have everything you need in your stockpile, and add items as needed. If your life has changed since you assembled the stockpile, such as the addition of a new family member or a change in medical condition, you should add supplies to account for that as well.

If you haven’t created a stockpile yet, now is the time to put one together. (And if you haven’t tested your smoke alarm and changed its batteries, you should do that as well.) All Americans should have at least a three-day supply of food and water stored in their homes, with at least one gallon of water per person per day. If you have the space, experts recommend a week’s supply of food and water. Choose foods that don’t require refrigeration and are not high in salt. Your stockpile should also contain flashlights, a manual can opener, a radio and batteries, among other items.

Visit our Set Your Clocks, Check Your Stocks page for tools and tips for creating the perfect stockpile. If you are on a budget we have you covered. See our fact sheet for compiling an emergency stockpile without spending a fortune.

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