Friday, April 25, 2014

National Infant Immunization Week begins April 26

Infant getting immunization
Photo: CDC/Judy Schmidt
National Infant Immunization Week is set for April 26-May 3. The week is a time to celebrate the successes and benefits of immunization and to make sure all kids are fully vaccinated.
Unfortunately, infectious diseases that could be prevented by vaccination remain a threat in the U.S. Right now, New Jersey, Ohio and New York are struggling with mumps outbreaks, and California is tackling cases of measles.
Fully immunizing kids by age 2 is important, because children’s immune systems are at their weakest when they are young. When infants are vaccinated, it gives them a healthy start to life. It also helps prevent diseases from spreading, which is a big step in emergency preparedness for families and communities.
Each year, routine vaccinations can prevent up to 14 million cases of disease. They can also save 33,000 lives and billions of dollars.
If you have or are expecting a little one in your family, be sure to learn about the recommended vaccination schedules and talk about them with your health provider.
For more information from APHA’s Get Ready campaign on how vaccines help protect us from disease, download our fact sheets on child and teen vaccinations.

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