Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Summertime crowds means being prepared

Whether you took in fireworks from the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City, on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., or in your hometown, chances are your Fourth of July celebrations were memorable.

What also might be memorable were the crowds. From parades to baseball games to county fairs, big crowds are a given at summertime events.

Even when you’re having fun, it’s important to keep emergency preparedness in mind. Large crowds can pose dangers. Luckily, you can enjoy your summer events safely by taking a few steps ahead of time.

Before you head out, review these four “P’s” for crowd safety:

 Plan: If you are meeting friends and family, plan a meeting spot in case one of you gets lost. Have a designated point-of-contact who isn’t going to the event.

• Prepare: Learn more about the location and event you are going to. Check the surroundings for the nearest exits in case you need to leave quickly. Bring maps of the area in case you need to leave via an alternate route and phones are down.

• Protect: Guard yourself and your loved ones from the heat and dehydration, wear sunblock and remember to bring extra water. First-aid supplies and sanitization wipes are important as well.

• Patience: There will be long lines everywhere and it can be overwhelming. Staying calm will make it easier to stay safe.

Learn more about crowd safety with this fact sheet from APHA’s Get Ready campaign.

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