Friday, September 25, 2015

Cute animal alert! Prepare for disasters with Get Ready’s Ready, Pet, Go! calendar

Looking for emergency preparedness tips? Need some cute animals to brighten up your home or office? Our Get Ready campaign has you covered.

APHA's Ready, Pet, Go! Get Ready Calendar is now available online for free! The 2016 calendar, which showcases pictures from our photo contest, is full of adorable animals and tips to keep you and your loved ones safe.

We received so many amazing animal photos, but ultimately 16 winners made the 2016 calendar. Each month shows a different animal sharing helpful safety advice. Learn how to protect yourself from disease, where to go during a storm or what to include in your emergency supply kit.

Download and print the calendar today! Check out the winning photos in our animal photo gallery and share them with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter with the #GetReadyPetGo hashtag.

And while you’re on our site, browse some of our runners-up photos and vote for your favorite!

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