Thursday, December 28, 2017

Preparedness just got a little more patriotic. Get Ready’s new presidential-themed calendar is here!

Even though 2018 is bringing new beginnings, there’s no harm in reflecting on the past.

APHA’s Get Ready campaign is switching things up this year with its new presidential-themed calendar. Our fun 2018 calendar shares tips for preparing for disasters, right from the mouths of some of America’s most iconic presidents. (Or at least in the words we made up for them to say. It’s all in fun, we promise.)

A state of emergency doesn’t always have to involve politics. Emergencies involve all kinds of disasters and hazards, such as pandemic flu, infectious disease, bad weather, natural disasters and more. That’s why using our “POTUS Prepares” calendar will help you be prepared year-round.

Along with managing your schedule, the calendar will help you keep track of public health-related
events. You can plan ahead for National Public Health Week in the spring, as well as Get Ready Day and APHA’s 2018 Annual Meeting and Expo in the fall.

The calendar even tells you when daylight saving time begins and ends as reminders to update your emergency supplies.

Download and print your calendar today!

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