Monday, March 05, 2018

Daylight saving time begins March 11: Use it as a reminder to check your food supplies

Spring is almost here and so is daylight saving time. And you know what that means: Time to set your clocks and check your stocks!

When you change your clocks March 11  — or when they change themselves, as so many of our electronic devices do these days — use it as a reminder to update your emergency stockpile. That way you won’t be caught in a bind when an emergency happens.

There are lots of things you should have in your stockpile, such as water, batteries and first-aid supplies. We have awesome lists and fact sheets on our website that show you everything you need and why you need to update it.

But today we’re going to talk about one particular thing you need: An emergency food supply.  Preparedness experts recommend having at least a three-day supply of nonperishable food. Here’s why.

Disasters often strike with little to no warning. You may not be able to run out to the store, and if you do there could be huge lines and frantic shoppers. It’s better for your peace of mind and safety to have your food supply ready and waiting at home.

Not sure what you need for your emergency food supply? Follow these tips:

  • Choose foods that your family likes to eat. If your family hates pea soup normally, they won’t want to eat it while sheltering in place either.
  • Avoid foods that are salty, as they will make you thirsty.
  • Ensure that the foods you stockpile don’t need to be refrigerated. Soups, pudding, peanut butter, shelf-stable milk, granola bars and cereal are all good ideas.
  • Buy food that is ready to eat or needs little preparation. Keep in mind your power may be out and you may not be able to heat things up or wash dishes.
  • Look for canned fruit packed in water or fruit juice, not syrup.
  • Don’t forget food for your family members with special needs, such as infants, seniors and pets.
  • Make sure to pack a manual can opener!

It’s smart to think ahead and imagine what dining from your stockpile will be like. What items will you wish you had on hand? Our stockpiling recipes and disaster cookbook can give you some great ideas.

Print out our shopping list before you head to the store.

For more tips on what to include in your emergency supplies, check out our website.

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