Tuesday, August 08, 2006

APHA Releases List of Questions and Answers on Pandemic Flu for the Public

There is now a one-stop shop for people who need their basic questions answered on pandemic flu. The American Public Health Association has posted answers to frequently asked questions on pandemic flu on its influenza Web site. We hope it helps you understand seasonal, bird and pandemic flu a bit better. However, as the list does not answer every question on this complicated topic, keep your questions and comments coming!

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Ann Loree said...

I like this site. It has a lot of good detail.
I am wondering about adding some detail to the section listed below.
Under the section titled "How can I reduce my risk..." Can you address situations such as being coughed in the face by someone sick, ie should you wash your face, or..? Also, would wearing latex gloves and or face masks in public during an outbreak be recommended, ie to the grocery store, etc. if it is still open?