Friday, October 05, 2007

Perplexed about pandemic? The Get Ready Glossary can clear things up!

Confused about the difference between pandemic flu and seasonal flu? Wondering what exactly H5N1 is? If you think that reading about pandemic flu and other infectious diseases can seem like reading Greek, you are not alone! While news stories and preparedness guides are chock full of technical flu and disease terms, many of us are still unsure what they all mean.

Luckily, a new tool is available from APHA to help clear up the confusion. Let the Get Ready Glossary be your guide! The new glossary, on the Get Ready Web site , features a wealth of terms with both easy-to-understand and scientific and technical definitions. So the next you are flummoxed about the difference between endemic and epidemic, drop in on the Get Ready Glossary for a quick answer!

Have other terms for us to add to the glossary? Let us know by adding your comments to this blog entry.

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