Wednesday, January 09, 2008

New research findings on infectious disease

From flu pandemic protection to vaccine development, new research is shedding light on infectious diseases and offering insights into ways to combat their spread. Recent studies have found that surgical masks won't fight pandemic flu and that simple health care strategies can help prevent infections from extensively drug resistant tuberculosis, according to headlines reported by APHA's Get Ready News Twitter.

Among the recent infectious disease research highlights reported by the Get Ready News Twitter are:

* Scientists discover new key to flu transmission
* Preparing pregnant women for pandemic flu
* Wild bird influenza survey, Canada
* Telephone monitoring of flu patients, United States, 2006
* Is a universal flu vaccine on its way?
*Canadian panel concludes there is no evidence surgical masks protect against pandemic flu
* Research to aid malaria eradication efforts
* Study shows new way to fight Chagas disease
* Simple strategy could prevent half of deadly tuberculosis infections
* Study shows how Chikungunya virus spread so far

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