Thursday, June 13, 2013

Be on alert for summer storms

If you live on the East Coast, you may have been caught up in some severe thunderstorms this week. In fact, much of the country has been experiencing storms lately.

Thunderstorms can happen at any time, but are particularly frequent in the summer. Severe storms can bring heavy rain, high winds, hail, lightning and flooding. advises that you be prepared for storms and stay safe by following these tips:
  • Begin preparing ahead of time by putting together an emergency kit and making a family communications plan.
  • Secure outdoor objects that can be blown away or can cause any injury or damage.
  • Shut all windows and secure outside doors.
  • Limit outdoor activities.
  • Unplug electronic equipment before the storm.

During the storm, following these tips can help you keep safe:
  • Listen to local news or the radio for emergency updates. Watch for signs of a storm, such as darkening skies, lightning flashes or increasing winds.
  • Keep away from electrical equipment, wiring and water pipes.
  • Stay away from water sources.
  • Stay indoors, says the American Red Cross. If outside, seek protection and get low — don’t be the tallest object in the area! Also, stay away from trees.

There’s also a good chance that the power will go out during a severe storm. To be prepared for a power outage, download and print our fact sheet now and save it with your emergency supplies.

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