Friday, July 06, 2007

Get an ear-full of flu news!

Concerned about pandemic influenza, but don't have the time to read through pages and pages of information? APHA's Get Ready campaign can help. Download our podcast series, now featuring our latest episode, to begin learning about pandemic influenza and preparedness. Just plug in your earphones and listen on the go. There's no reading required.

Our newest episode, "For pandemic flu prevention, the best advice may be 'rub-a-dub-dub,'" reminds listeners that (in this case anyway!) their mothers were right –- wash your hands! Handwashing proves to be one of the simplest and easiest ways to prevent the spread of disease, including flu.

The new podcast adds to the growing collection of Get Ready tools that help educate the public about protecting themselves, their families and their communities against a potential pandemic, as well as advise people on other issues such as news on the seasonal flu or infectious diseases.

Other entries in the series include "Flu 101," the two-part debut podcast, which features APHA Executive Director Georges Benjamin, MD, FACP, discussing the threat of pandemic flu and APHA's Get Ready campaign. "Seasonal Flu," covered in episode 3, paints an overview of the difference between pandemic and seasonal influenza.

Click here to check out our expanding podcast series:

Give a listen, and send us your ideas on what topics you'd like to see covered in future podcasts using the comments feature on the blog below.

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Anonymous said...

When does the next podcast go up? Do you have a calendar of upcoming topics? How about an RSS feed for the podcasts?