Wednesday, August 08, 2007

This week in pandemic flu, emerging infectious disease

Infectious diseases spread by mosquitoes and ticks are a continuing concern for health workers, especially during warm, wet weather, according to news headlines reported this week by APHA's Get Ready News Twitter:

Among this week’s highlights:
* CDC: 122 West Nile cases, three deaths so far in 2007
* Dengue on rise in Asia; WHO issues warning
* Lyme disease cases double in Vermont
* Mosquito control tips: No need to get fancy
* Eastern equine encephalitis virus confirmed in North Carolina County

For links dozens of news stories and resources, visit the Get Ready Twitter. New information is posted each weekday, so check back often for updates.

Photo by James Gathany, courtesy CDC/PHIL

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Anonymous said...

Wow: I especially liked the article on mosquito repellants. I wasn't keen on the bug zappers myself, but now I know that I shouldn't be considering them over the tried-and-true tactics of wearing spray and light clothing. And now I'll be a little more wary of puddles...

I've heard the problem is only going to get worse, with global warming and such, and that diseases like dengue, yellow fever and malaria would spread to areas that previously never had them (i.e. mid-to-northern USA). Is there any truth to that? And can anything be done to contain the viruses?