Tuesday, August 21, 2007

This week in pandemic flu, emerging infectious disease

Given the high percentage of infectious diseases that make the jump from animals to humans, scientists and health workers are always on alert for new cases of illnesses among poultry, livestock and other animals. Among the animal-related emerging infectious disease news reported this week via APHA's Get Ready News Twitter are these headlines:

* Agriculture experts call for separating wild, domestic birds in markets
* Virus strikes China's pigs, stirring fears of global outbreak
* Bird flu's spread around the globe
* Influenza: Fear triggers renewed interest in interspecies transmission
* Trappers target deadly rabid raccoons on U.S.-Canadian border
*Bulgarian woman infected with rare animal disease

For links to dozens of news stories and resources on emerging infectious diseases, visit the Get Ready Twitter. New information is posted each weekday, so check back often for updates.

Photo by Scott Bauer, courtesy USDA Agricultural Research Service

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