Thursday, January 07, 2016

New year, new chances to be prepared with APHA’s Get Ready calendar

First-place runners-up poll winner
by Mary-Kate Duffy
2016 is here! Looking for a place to write down all your New Year’s resolutions? What if you could track those healthy habits while also learning how to be better prepared for emergencies?

Download APHA's Ready, Pet, Go! Get Ready Calendar and get started today! The 2016 calendar, which is available online, showcases adorable animal pictures from our photo contest and ways to keep you and your loved ones safe. With these great preparedness tips, you’re sure to have the best — and safest — year yet.

And while you’re on our website, don’t miss the winners of our runners-up poll! We had so many great entries from our calendar photo contest, we decided we had to share more than just the winners. The beautiful bird photo by Mary-Kate Duffy earned almost a third of your votes. Our second-place runner-up was the cat by Michele Samarya Timm, and third was Cooper the dog by Jennifer Simmons. Congrats to our winners and their photogenic animals, and thanks for voting!

Get your copy of the 2016 calendar today and print one to share with family and friends.