Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Emergency Numbers You Should Know!

Who you gonna call? The Get Ready team has developed a new infographic with a list of emergency numbers that are important to know. Take a look at our list below for more information and tips!


The first on our list is 911! Although you may think this number is just for crime reporting, it offers many more services! You can call this number for assistance in both fire and medical emergencies. If you have a time-sensitive emergency in regard to your safety, 911 is the best number to call!


Next up is 311! This number contacts your city or county services. It’s not for emergencies. Instead, your city or county may offer services like recycling and trash pickup, animal control or connections to your local public safety or health department. Calling 311 can help residents report flooding in their neighborhood, or a traffic light that’s not working. During the winter, some cities offer snow or ice removal. Every city or county is different, so look up your city or county’s services online before you call!


Our next number is 988, a free and confidential line for people to call if they’re in extreme emotional distress or considering suicide. If you or someone you know is experiencing extreme emotional distress, 988 is the best number you can call. It is also important to reach out to people you know with emotional distress to show your support for them. Simply saying “how are you” could mean more to a person than you may think. You can also check out the 988 website for more information. 


This is the number that connects you directly with poison control. You may need poison control if you come in contact with dangerous household items like cleaning products. Some medications can also be harmful if not taken according to instructions. Small children are especially at risk. The World Health Organization describes poisoning as a “time-dependent emergency.” You will need help from a health care provider, so call even if you are unsure if something is poisonous! You can also visit the official poison control website for more safety around household products, medications and other chemicals.   

Your local hospital

Hospitals are one of the most important places within our cities/counties. They provide treatment for both emergency and long-term health issues. You can call them if you have questions about medical advice, health insurance or specialized services offered. These services can include anything from heart surgery and cancer chemotherapy to mental health resources and support groups for new illnesses or new parents. If you or a loved one needs health support, call your local hospital and see if they offer it!  You can also call if you have any questions relating to a medical emergency, such as asking if you need to see a doctor for a small cut or if you are feeling a little sick. You can find this number by Googling the name of the hospital closest to you!

Writing these numbers down or putting them in your phone can go a long way. You may be able to save someone’s life with this information!