Friday, May 07, 2010

Get Ready campaign offers more than 20 fact sheets, materials in Spanish

From earthquakes and power outages to H1N1 flu and handwashing, APHA’s Get Ready campaign offers a wealth of free fact sheets to help people become more prepared. And now, the ever-growing list of Get Ready materials includes 20 resources in Spanish.

In April, the Get Ready campaign debuted seven new Spanish-language translations of its preparedness materials on its website, including fact sheets on water stockpiling, (PDF) pet preparedness (PDF) and cold and flu supplies. (PDF) Also new are professionally translated Spanish versions of the Get Set activity kit, (PDF) which encourages high school students to become involved in preparedness, and the Get Ready Kids Guide to flu (PDF).

The new materials join a wealth of other resources that have long been available in Spanish through the campaign, including fact sheets on floods, (PDF) winter storms, (PFD) H1N1 flu (PDF) and emergency stockpiling. (PDF) Offering campaign materials in languages other than English helps spread the Get Ready preparedness message, according to campaign organizers, particularly with the growing number of Spanish-speaking U.S. residents.

As of 2000, about one in five U.S. residents — about 47 million people — spoke a language other than English at home according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Among those were 28.1 million Spanish speakers, just over half of whom reported speaking English "very well." And the number of Spanish speakers continues to grow.

So whether you are looking for materials for use at community, school or other events or to share with family and friends, the free bilingual Get Ready campaign resources are worth a look — and a download.

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