Friday, February 23, 2018

It’s time to bee ready for disasters!

Natural disasters and other threats to our well-being can be daunting to prepare for. Sometimes it’s hard to know how to get ready. Luckily, there are some amazing animals and insects that can inspire us!

• Black bears: It’s no secret that bears hibernate during the winter, but how do they prepare for the long, cold months? According to the North American Bear Center, one reason is because bears consume as much food and drink as possible before they settle in for the season — just like an extended Thanksgiving!

While we humans don’t spend our lives in bed during the winter, we can still take a page from the black bear book by keeping a supply of emergency food and water in our homes at all times.

Never made a stockpile before? No worry, Get Ready is here to help! Check out our campaign for free materials to help you create an emergency preparedness stockpile.

• Birds: Birds are everywhere — flying in the sky, waddling on the ground, bathing in the water — and often we don’t take a second look. Birds are fascinating creatures, and they’re excellent at preparing for natural disasters. They’re able to sense when the barometric pressure changes, and their impressive sense of direction helps them to know where to fly to escape bad weather.

Though nature didn’t give us wings, we can still approach disaster preparedness like birds. It’s important to pay attention to our surroundings and adjust our routes accordingly. Learn more about disaster preparedness while on the road.

By Michele Late
• Bees: Bzzzzzz. Compared to birds, bees are fragile. They can’t fly for hours in dangerous weather to escape storms and other threats. However, bees are excellent at building sturdy hives that are protected from the elements. When bad weather hits, bees can rely on their hive to keep them safe.

We should learn from bees and make sure our houses are both equipped with supplies and built to withstand the elements. Regular home maintenance is important when getting ready for natural disasters. Get tips on how to prepare your home for a disaster with our fact sheet.

Bears, birds and bees are just a few of the many amazing creatures we can learn a lot about preparedness from. Don’t let more time buzz by while unprepared. Get ready now!

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