Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Get Ready infographic shares tips on flooding

As people in North Carolina and nearby states found out recently, flooding can quickly cripple a community.

Hurricane Florence caused large-scale harm in North Carolina, damaging buildings, bridges and roads. Some communities received more than three feet of rain. More than three dozen people were killed by the storm. While floodwaters are receding, they remain a threat in many areas.

While people in North Carolina had warning that the hurricane was on its way, flooding can happen quickly and without notice. Flooding is the most frequent natural disaster in the United States and occurs year-round.

To help you stay prepared and safe, Get Ready’s new infographic has tips on floods. Help others learn what to do by posting it on social media or printing it and sharing it with your family, campus and community.
For more information on flooding, check out our fact sheet. You can add your logo.

To help people who are affected by Hurricane Florence, visit the Get Ready website.

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