Thursday, August 26, 2021

Get Ready’s Summer 2021 Infographics

This summer’s heat wave has broken records in many parts of the country. The hot, dry weather can make droughts worse and increase risk of wildfires, especially in western states. Get Ready has created two new infographics to help you prepare for both droughts and wildfires. Make sure to follow @GetReady on Twitter for these infographics and more preparedness tips.


This first infographic is called “6 Ways You Can Help Out in a Drought.” These are just some of the small ways to save water at home. For example, you can take showers in under five minutes. It’s also important to fix leaks in your plumbing. Fixing leaks can save up to 110 gallons of water a month. That’s more than 1,300 gallons every year!

Infographic on preparing for a drought. Tips include take shorter showers, fix leaks, wash only full loads of laundry, water grass in the morning, plant water-friendly plants, and listen for local alerts.
Drought infographic

Your garden and yard also use lots of water. Make sure you water your grass in the early morning or at night when it’s less hot out. Think about switching to plants that use less water and are native to your area

Most importantly, always follow state and local rules on water use in a drought. Check out the drought fact sheet for more info.


This second infographic is titled “Wildfire Safety.” It lets you know how you keep your family safe before and during a wildfire.

How to prepare for wildfires. Tips include check smoke detectors, get local fire alerts, listen for evacuation instructions, know your escape routes, make copies of important documents, have an emergency contact list, and have a go-bag ready.
Wildfire infographic

Make sure all members of your household know the emergency plan and escape routes. Prepare a go-bag with important supplies like medications and masks for the smoke. Also make copies of important documents to take with you if you must evacuate. 

If there’s a fire near you, listen to local officials about how to safely evacuate. Sign up for community fire alerts to stay in the loop if there’s an emergency. Check out our wildfire fact sheet for more detailed tips.

For general tips on getting through the summer heat, check out our heat wave fact sheet.

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