Friday, January 30, 2009

For here, or to go?

Most of us know how to prepare for an emergency when we have to stay at home for several days. But what if the opposite happens? In emergency situations like hurricanes, floods or fires, you may have to leave your home at a moment's notice — which means you won't have time to pack.

In situations like these, it is important to have a "go-bag" ready. A go-bag — which can be a bag, a backpack or a box — is an emergency kit that you can quickly grab and go in case of evacuation. It should contain many of the same items as your stockpile, plus a few more items. The most important thing to pack is enough food and water for three days. Be sure to include any prescriptions that might be needed while you are away. A battery-operated radio, flashlight and first aid kit will help ensure you have a safe evacuation.

Since you may be away from home for awhile, pack at least one extra set of clothes and don't forget blankets and pillows. It's important to remember to make a go-bag for every member of your household. This includes Fido, Fluffy and Tweety, so be sure to pack some pet food and basic supplies your pet will need along the way.

Put your go-bag in an easy-to-access area close to the door, such as a front hall closet, and make sure it doesn't end up buried under spare coats or beach blankets (the last thing you want to be do during an emergency is digging for supplies). Check on the go-bag twice a year when you change your clocks for daylight saving time to make sure that nothing has expired or had been borrowed.

Now that you know, you are ready to go!

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